Monday, October 31, 2016

Hello true believers! 

Two weeks ago I, and a fellow comic art enthusiast, decided to try a two week long comic art challenge. We were both feeling frustrated a bit with our work for, different reasons, and thought a challenge might shake things up a bit.

For me, I just hadn't been doing any panel to panel work for quite a while. The last page work I did I was super unhappy with.  I had done 8 sample pages for the Top Com talent search and I ultimately felt that the pages were super blah, stiff and overwrought. 
I was thinking about my process and the manner in which I had approached those pages. It took me forever to do them and I overworked and overthought the shit out of them. Anyone who actually makes a living drawing comics can't afford to work that way. The process has to be decisive and in the moment - for the most part. Working to a deadline does not allow for too much agonizing because the work has got to get done!

So I approached these 10 pages from that standpoint. I had two weeks - and in that two weeks very little actual time to draw because of my crazy work schedule. 
In the two weeks I drew these I averaged about 60 hours a week at my respective jobs.
This left little tiny packets of time in the day to draw!

I averaged about 3.5 hours a page on these which for me is crazy fast!

Looking back I really cant remember when I drew these!

So here they are and I feel that there is some fun drawing here. Some of it is pretty rough and alot of it is pretty dorky but at the end of the day I am excited that I finished the challenge and churned out this work:)