Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"Intern-al Trouble

Dedicated to the memory of my dad.
As always, thanks for looking.

Friday, January 15, 2010

The next installment of "Rather than Scrabble". Inked in the middle of last night:-)
I think the strip says it all..
Many of the my day to day concerns sort of fell away following Heather and I's house fire...
When your immediate concern is...
"Hey.. where exactly will we be sleeping tonight...?"
... you sort of stop sweating the smaller stuff.
Now that we have ironed out many of the difficulties stemming from the fire my other concerns and anxieties have shown back up for the party... and they ALL brought potato salad.
And it seems to always hit about 3:00 am. I will sit upright in bed in a cold sweat..
"Ahhhh... my thesis.. student loans... sample pages.. my job.. thinning hair... AUUGGGHH!!!"
I suppose that is just the nature of things and the goal is to channel that anxiety into manageable productivity...
...we'll see how it goes:-)

As always, thanks for looking!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Rather Than Scrabble

Please click the comic and it will be big enough to read:-)

So.. here is my first installment of "Rather Than Scrabble".
Many of you may know that the last couple of months have been pretty tough for Heather and I..
I have gotten very far away from drawing and comics, and when I have tried to work I have found that my process has gotten a little funky.. it's almost as if in an attempt to manage the discordant elements and crazy events in my life I have tried to over structure other elements of my life as well... my art, in particular.

Hence, this journal comic.

The whole idea is just to produce this sucker, thrice weekly, in a discreet amount of time so it doesn't impinge on my other endeavors.. i.e. relationships, my other comic work, my job, thesis, my health, alligator wrastlin' and cookie baking.

In essence I just have to knock it out!

This comic is at the opposite end of the other work I have been producing and as Heather can attest it about killed me to draw it. Half way through I nearly balled it up and burned it...
it sucked.. I was going way to fast and the inking looked like crap.. so did the lettering.. it looked like a moron had done it.. why was I doing this...
...blah blah blah blah blah.. hoo hoo for me...

Heather made me finish it...
..and I must say that in its completion I am finding a certain measure of catharsis.
Not so much as to get out the trampoline and brown liquor...
..but a bit.

If any one ventures in here and sees what I am attempting to do here I hope they dig it. But I guess the whole point here is that it is for me. As imperfect and weird and goofy as it may be.. as I may be.. or as any of us.

As always.. thanks for looking!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Because it has only been a year and 4 months since my last post... I will keep this brief..
I am intending on posting, in the spot, a bit of a "journal comic" type of thing.. I know this "internet" is all the rage with the kids and I am not above trying to capitalize on the hot new trend of the day..
I will be posting thrice weekly- Tues., Fri., and Sunday which will feature a longer, more traditional "Sunday" format style of strip.
I will be posting this coming Tuesday with my first strip and I hope everyone thinks that it is keen and a thoughtful endeavor and buys lots of the themed coffee mugs, stuffed pushies, wall calendars and dish towels that will soon follow in the wake of the strip's massive success!! always, thank you for your tolerance and understanding.

Ted Helard and everyone else here at "Ted Helard Sequential Art Studio and Gun Smithing"