Thursday, October 23, 2008

welcome to me

Word! This is the beginning of a blog I intend to use to discuss, dissect, disseminate and downright demystify all things sequential, primarily in how that term applies to artistic endeavors. That's right, friends, I' talking about comics. I will now pause to give most of you a moment to realize you that you took a tragic wrong turn somewhere on the information highway, pack up your personal belongings, and uncomfortably make you way to the exits. Now, for those of you still here, a quick bio. I am Ted Helard, sequential art grad student at the Savannah College of Art and Design, life long comic fan and a intrepid soul whose desperate dream is to carve a paying and creatively rewarding gig in the wacky yet wonderful world of sequential art madness. *ahem*
I will be posting my work here and the work of any who wish to show, discuss, compare...whatever. The whole point is to get some some dialogue going regarding what we as comic artists are doing; how we do it and why. I am extremely interested in critique and interpretaion of my work and process and very keen to check out about what others are doing as well.

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