Sunday, January 10, 2010


Because it has only been a year and 4 months since my last post... I will keep this brief..
I am intending on posting, in the spot, a bit of a "journal comic" type of thing.. I know this "internet" is all the rage with the kids and I am not above trying to capitalize on the hot new trend of the day..
I will be posting thrice weekly- Tues., Fri., and Sunday which will feature a longer, more traditional "Sunday" format style of strip.
I will be posting this coming Tuesday with my first strip and I hope everyone thinks that it is keen and a thoughtful endeavor and buys lots of the themed coffee mugs, stuffed pushies, wall calendars and dish towels that will soon follow in the wake of the strip's massive success!! always, thank you for your tolerance and understanding.

Ted Helard and everyone else here at "Ted Helard Sequential Art Studio and Gun Smithing"

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