Monday, January 23, 2012

Daily Drawings 1/23/12

Throwing up a sample of my Daily Drawings from 1/23/12. I have finally segued out of the "ugh, this sucks, sucks, sucks" stage of my daily drawings and the last couple batches have loosened up and I am liking the images I am producing and enjoying the process again. I was doing some concept sketches for some new Rollr Girl illustrations and a Conan fighting a cyclops illustration and I am finding it is easier to capture the pose and figure quicker. So I feel I am seeing some of the benefits from this regimen of daily drawings manifesting in my daily work:)

I really liked the pose 21.. there is something about the pose that is slightly turned away from the viewer that I thought was cool. I have a natural tendency to draw straight ahead, straight profile or straight 3/4 turns so it is fun to see more subtle rotations of the masses of the figure.

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