Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Daily Drawings days 6 7 8

So I still knocked out my 30 drawings on Sunday morning (new years day) even tho I was pretty slungover following some late night debauchery on New Year's Eve with the lovely wife:) I am finding that I am still struggling with the basic standing pose. I think I don't have a strong enough visual icon in my mind of what that pose should look like. The relationships to the lats and the rib cage as it extends past the chest and the juxtaposition of the pelvis the upper torso mass (especially in the 3/4 and profile view) is where I start to get lost. So I spent most of today working on standing male poses, some from reference others just from my imagination.

Yesterday I did a bunch of cool drawings from reference of gymnasts. There is nothing about the human figure in motion depicting strength, grace an dynamism that you can't find in gymnast images! Wow! Just really cool stuff. Figured some stuff out about the twist and bend of the female torso and the relationship between the stretch and squash of the planes as the figure contorts. Keeping on trucking:)

Day 6 drawings:) I Liked this male standing pose. The feet look very planted and the figure reads very well.

Day 7 drawings:) I liked this series of sketches they were fast and loose.

Da7 8 drawings:) I really liked the upper left sketch! Very powerful and emotive with a very readable silhouette.

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