Monday, October 5, 2015

Hello again!

Before I start thumbnailing a project I like to to get any needed concept work done and also gather any needed reference. As time as gone on I have gotten away from using reference and tend to just make up everything that I draw. However, as this story is set in an already established world I will ned to make sure that the visuals I create dovetail into this continuity.

Here is the list of needed reference/concept work I put together for myself.

Needed Reference for Artemis IX 8 page sample for Top Cow

1.     Artemis’ City – check IXth Generation # 3 Vertical masculine city lots of angles.
2.     Damaged building-explosion again check IXth Generation # 3
3.     Inside damaged building again check IXth Generation pages 17-23
4.      Male/Female cyborgs. Females scantily dressed. Males are workers-construction.
5.     Sculpture reference for Artemis sculpture
6.     Bauron – Male Cyborg
7.     Computer Tablet
8.     Large Scale painting – Easel
9.     Chione attractive medium brown hair with blonde streak
10. Artemis’ private office. Desk/lighting/chair/decorations
11. Artemis’ shuttle. Like a cross between an X-Wing Fighter and a Colonial Viper with touches of an F-14 Tomcat. It’s a two-seater with a canopy
12. Hanger – assorted stuff/workers
13.  Mechanic
14.  Cockpit of Shuttle – Navigator/computer
15.  Building explosion caused from crash with shuttle
16. Exploding glass
17. Torn Clothing/Jacket
18.  More friendly looking shuttle
19.  Artemis’s quarters.
20. Massage table

I do this just a starting point and to not jump the gun and draw myself into problems later in the process.

Once I gather any needed reference I will start doing my concept work for all primary characters, environments, interiors and props.

As I have already started some concept work I will be posting some images later in the week:)

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