Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Daily Drawings Day 1

Yesterday, I started doing my daily drawings and, man, did it feel clunky! But I still managed to sit down and pound out 30 fairly quick sketches. I think I missed my 20 minute time mark by about 15 minutes but I am sure it will go faster as I get past the uncomfortableness of doing them (I hope).

Thankfully, today's drawings went a little smoother. Just a few minor interruptions because of my duties as the kitty butler... "meow" means "I want in"... "meow" means "I want out"... "meow" means "hmmmm. 'out' isn't all that great... I think I would prefer to be 'in' again" and so on...

Here is one page of the sketches I did yesterday. Nothing earthshaking here... just a guy and a pencil trying desperately to figure something, anything out :-)

Quick gesture stuff trying to capture the energy of the pose with on eye on proportions and basic surface anatomy.

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