Thursday, December 29, 2011

I didn't get a champion night sleep last night (my awesome wife seared off some drumsticks for me and I ate all three of them (plus a blueberry yoghurt) before retiring...kind of a "dream of the rarebit fiend" thing) but I still managed to slog through 30 sketches... can you feel my excitement.. can ya!! They actually went pretty good... I did several relaxed poses and some of them were cool.

Day three down.

Go me:)

These are from yesterday using Buddy Scalera's "Girls and Women" as a reference. Again, trying to be quick and gestural but capture the energy of the pose. One of the things I keep trying to remember is how "wedge-like" the female pelvis is as it protrudes in the rear.. especially when arching the back. And all of the "b's"... the "b" of the torso and the "b" of the arms and legs.. it creates a very organic feel to the different forms and is a a great device for quickly capturing the structure of the figure.

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