Friday, December 30, 2011

Daily Drawings Day 4

Well here we are at day 4 of Daily Drawings. I did my quick sketches using Buddy Scalera's People and Poses. I am finding that initially when I am using reference for my quick sketches that they stop being "quick". I get a little lost in the minutia of the surface anatomy as opposed to just sticking the gesture of the pose and the basic contour and proportions.

Good lesson for me...

The details are meaningless if the structure isn't right. The goal is to capture the energy and attitude of the pose before committing time to the finer details of the figure. Structure, structure, structure... you see how important this is in solid draftsmanship... people who can really draw understand structure... by this I mean an understanding of the physical construction of the object.. how it relates to it's individual parts. It is how an artists depicts a three dimensional object in a two dimensional format convincingly.

Wow... look at me.... learning stuff:)

Here's some sketches from day 3. Again going for gestural and energetic. I realize after doing some of these that there is something going on between the torso and pelvis that I don't quite get sometimes. It is the relationship between the plane of the back as it inserts into the external oblique and the front of the ribcage and the obliques connecting to the crest of the pelvis. It is where all the turning, twisting and bending happens in the human figure and how you capture dynamism as opposed to stiffness. This juxtaposition is what can really make a pose POP and one of the aspects of my sketches I am going to keep focusing on.

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