Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Rather Than Scrabble

Please click the comic and it will be big enough to read:-)

So.. here is my first installment of "Rather Than Scrabble".
Many of you may know that the last couple of months have been pretty tough for Heather and I..
I have gotten very far away from drawing and comics, and when I have tried to work I have found that my process has gotten a little funky.. it's almost as if in an attempt to manage the discordant elements and crazy events in my life I have tried to over structure other elements of my life as well... my art, in particular.

Hence, this journal comic.

The whole idea is just to produce this sucker, thrice weekly, in a discreet amount of time so it doesn't impinge on my other endeavors.. i.e. relationships, my other comic work, my job, thesis, my health, alligator wrastlin' and cookie baking.

In essence I just have to knock it out!

This comic is at the opposite end of the other work I have been producing and as Heather can attest it about killed me to draw it. Half way through I nearly balled it up and burned it...
it sucked.. I was going way to fast and the inking looked like crap.. so did the lettering.. it looked like a moron had done it.. why was I doing this...
...blah blah blah blah blah..
...boo hoo hoo for me...

Heather made me finish it...
..and I must say that in its completion I am finding a certain measure of catharsis.
Not so much as to get out the trampoline and brown liquor...
..but a bit.

If any one ventures in here and sees what I am attempting to do here I hope they dig it. But I guess the whole point here is that it is for me. As imperfect and weird and goofy as it may be.. as I may be.. or as any of us.

As always.. thanks for looking!


  1. Good work, sucker. Keep it up. Getting over perfectionism is important for you. Getting over lack-of-core-training is important for me.


    Miss doing the gym thing with you, bud.

    Good luck with the comic. I'll be back.


  2. Tom! Parlez Vous, Francais? Thx for checking out the comic!
    But remember, Herschel Walker did nothing but push-ups and sit-ups! I challenge you to come back from Lacoste in better shape then when you arrived.. the gauntlet has been thrown!

  3. You, my brother are amazing! I am so excited to follow your comice blog. I am passing the link along to a few of my friends...Keep them coming Ted.

    Your sister Ang~

  4. So...is this a "clog" or a "blomic"? Either way I'm looking forward to having something to read at 3:45am when I can't find anyone else to pull over and ticket.

    As a recovering perfectionist myself, I feel your pain.

    Miss ya guys,

  5. Thanks everyone for the comments! It is hugely appreciated!! Will post the new comic on Friday sometime in the a.m. :-)

  6. Ted, I love the dog and the way your character looks like Shaggy from Scoobie Doo. Lookin forward to the next strip.