Tuesday, January 12, 2010


  1. Hey there Ted,

    Well, look at that. I beg and plead to have you create a comic book character for me -- some cool super hero like, purple pen wielding, marketing maniac and instead you immortalize yourself. I LOVE it. Even if I do have super-hero envy -- or I guess in this case it would just be comic strip envy.

    Draw on!~


  2. Lol..
    You will not have long to wear your shroud of envy, Miss Manyon.. I will be posting in this very blog a purple marketing super hero type in your honor! Thanks for the kind words and hope you are awesome!


  3. Dear Mr. Helard...
    I purchased your first print that you offered for sale, of which you noted no measurements.
    I would like it signed thus:
    "To my loving mother whom I adore."
    And autograped by the artiste.
    Hey Jon....great comment about the thumb thing.
    A fan