Friday, January 15, 2010

The next installment of "Rather than Scrabble". Inked in the middle of last night:-)
I think the strip says it all..
Many of the my day to day concerns sort of fell away following Heather and I's house fire...
When your immediate concern is...
"Hey.. where exactly will we be sleeping tonight...?"
... you sort of stop sweating the smaller stuff.
Now that we have ironed out many of the difficulties stemming from the fire my other concerns and anxieties have shown back up for the party... and they ALL brought potato salad.
And it seems to always hit about 3:00 am. I will sit upright in bed in a cold sweat..
"Ahhhh... my thesis.. student loans... sample pages.. my job.. thinning hair... AUUGGGHH!!!"
I suppose that is just the nature of things and the goal is to channel that anxiety into manageable productivity...
...we'll see how it goes:-)

As always, thanks for looking!


  1. Thinning hair? Thinning hair? Aw man, shut the flapjack up. You look like a rudding cha-cha-chia pet compared to the massive, mutinous retreat taking place on the top of my head. Srsly. All of the hair on my head is migrating south and apparently my ass is the new Florida. Yeah, you totally had me feeling sorry for your taut, bowflexed ass until you mentioned the thinning hair thing.

    But man, I love the comic. Awesome stuff. Very funny. And I noticed you kept the realism with the boxers. Cool.

  2. I'm luvvvva luvvvva luvin the little heart boxers. Is your hair really thinning? Wow. You're getting super old dude. This is cool. I even subscribed. Remember this when you're trying to decide who is your better husband, or me? You know the within yourself. :)